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Cupping Sets


       Plastic Suction Cup Set

- Economical, lightweight, break resistant plastic, hand suction set  $35.00/set
- Each cup uses smooth release air-locking valves.
- Set of 15 cups with extended hand pump.
- Replacement cup( size 1- 5) : $0.90/ea.
- Extension tube: $4.00/ea.


Electric Vacuum Pump

- Fast, convenient suction pump for suction cups.
- You adjust the pressure with closing the hole of  extension valve top.
- It fits most of cupping sets.
- No hassle for pumping any more!
- $150.00/set


Bio Ceramic Cupping Set

- Fire Vacuum w/Alcohol burner.
- Bio Ceramic coated inside of thick glass jars.
- Sets of 24 jars $450.00/set
- $8.50/ Ceramic jar


First Aid Pump

- Micro-cup for finger/toe bleeding toxics
- $14.00/set


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